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Three things about the Elementary trailer on Tor
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As seen here.

1. Thank god Sherlock is still English. I was actually all psyched up for an actually NY Holmes, but for some reason it relieved me that he's English. Although part of me is sad that we don't get to see a NY Holmes.
2. If Sherlock hadn't been made recently, I'd probably be more excited by this. But it did, and I just feel a little 'meh' about the whole thing. Which doesn't mean that I won't watch it.
3. If we're going to do a gender reversal, I think Holmes being a woman is actually more interesting, since Watson is the 'emotional'/'girly' one to Holmes's 'rational' one. Although the fact that the audience stand-in is a woman is kind of nice.
3a. Liu looks hard as nails through the whole of this clip, so her saying that Watson is more emotional is frankly mindboggling. Also I think I could cut myself on her cheekbones. Also, seriously, JOAN? How old is her character, 90?
3b. I am failing at three things today.

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