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even in the midst of your weeping or rage.

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Wow. It's been over four years.

I still would like to get back to blogging (in a place that isn't tumblr, obvs, since I am still there).

But. Well.

It isn't going to be here, for the very good reason that has been going around. It's a shame; I've had this blog for nearly twenty years (still in excess of ten if you ignore the past four fallow years), and it's been a great comfort in times of trouble.

So if there's anyone still reading this who hasn't found me elsewhere, you can find me at delirieuse.tumblr, or at changeling.dreamwidth (which has likewise been lying fallow, but who knows?)

You can even find me on AO3, these days.

I'll be deleting this in a day or two, but I felt like I ought to leave a note first.

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I'm on DreamWidth as apiphile, and Tumblr as saxifraga-x-urbium if you feel the urge.

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