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Becoming Isis, putting Osiris back together

even in the midst of your weeping or rage.

Danika Zoë!
Morris dancer & muso, cook, writer, editorial assistant teaching herself cello.
Lesbian, environmentalist, vegan, anachronaut, Greco-Egyptian polytheist.

Happy ex-romantic.
a well-stocked spice shelf, amanda fucking palmer, chthonoi, comfort-baking, croquet, dance trapeze, de profundis, english step clogging, heka, house of netjer, learning too many instruments, liminality, melodeons, neoedwardianism & neovictorianism, neos alexandria, north-west clog morris, not a biscuit, redmond barry reading room, river cottage, step shuffle step-step shuffle, tea parties, theirloveissodead, tightrope, ur is in babylon, vegan mexican food, victorian clockwork automata, writers are liars,